Kiss me Black

Feature film in development

“KISS ME BLACK” is a dangerous, atmospheric, and sexy horror film infused with neo-noir elements. This horror thriller shares the allure and dread found in films like “Blue Velvet,” “Love Lies Bleeding,” and “Don’t Look Now.” Its dark, immersive narrative is designed to captivate an audience aged 18-50, appealing to all genders and education levels. The film’s blend of seductive danger and atmospheric tension promises to deliver a thrilling experience that will resonate with viewers long after the credits roll.

Targeting distribution companies with a passion for genre cinema, such as A24, Neon, XYZ Films, Yellow Veil, Studio Canal, Wild Bunch, and CJ Entertainment, “Kiss Me Black” aims to align with entities that have a proven track record with similar projects. Additionally, we seek to distribute the film through speciality streaming services like Mubi, Shudder, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, ensuring it reaches a broad audience of horror enthusiasts and neo-noir aficionados. Our goal is to create a film that entertains and sparks conversations and positive word-of-mouth, maximizing its reach and success.


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