Feature film in post-production

CUSTOM is a paranoid horror thriller that blurs the lines between death and sex, reality and fantasy. Jasper and Harriet are arthouse pornographers working on custom erotic films and struggling to make ends meet. That’s when they encounter ‘The Audience’, a mysterious client offering life-changing money to perform strange rituals on videotape…

Tiago is known on the horror scene for his shorts DOG SKIN and WRONG NUMBER, which have played festivals worldwide. This will be Paranoid Android Films’ third film, following Graphic Desires (out in the UK now) and Punch, which is currently in post.

Producer Andy Edwards said, “Once I read the script for Custom, I knew it would fit perfectly with the Paranoid Android slate – it’s dark, original, and with Tiago at the helm, it’s going to be visually stunning too.”

Tiago says, “I’m very excited about working with Andy Edwards in Custom, and I believe our sensibilities are a perfect match to bring this project to live!”